Attracting the Gay Male Patient Requires Specialized Approach

In the medical aesthetic realm, the gay male may be the most important patient type to recognize and understand. He inhabits a uniquely diverse niche, often embracing certain geographic regions, political stances and physical categories. His demographic profile encompasses all ages, races, professions and incomes. Along with the larger lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) population, gay males are typically well-educated and have more discretionary income than heterosexuals. In addition, according to Angelo Cuzalina, M.D., a cosmetic surgeon in Tulsa, Okla., the gay male patient is usually more concerned with physical attractiveness than the average heterosexual male. > Download full article


Aesthetic Tx Trends Become Increasingly Universal Across Global Regions

No matter where you practice, more people than ever are seeking aesthetic procedures. Due to the global reach of the Internet, television, social media communications and even text messaging, interest in plastic and cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and related specialties has become universal across emerging markets such as Russia, China and other parts of Asia, as well as mature markets, such as Europe and the U.S. > Download full article


THE Aesthetic Academy Trains Elite Certified Practices

Responding to the needs of medical aesthetic practitioners faced with increasing competition and a deluge of new technologies, a world-class scientific faculty / board of advisors has been formed to produce the ideal educational and entertaining weekend experience February 15 – 16, 2014 in San Francisco, Calif. Calling upon the stellar track record of top U.S. specialists from plastic surgery, cosmetic dermatology and medical practice management — THE Aesthetic Academy (TAA) will address the pragmatic needs of aspirational practices looking to excel in every way. > Download full article


Dr. Leif Rogers Discusses the Art of Establishing a Strong Identity in Beverly Hills

Cultivating the elusive, but essential emotional connection between physician and patient is an art, and Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Leif Rogers, M.D., F.A.C.S., has become an expert at it. This, combined with his similarly high standards in scientific and aesthetic surgical techniques, has produced a very successful practice. Currently offering reconstructive, cosmetic and non-surgical procedures, Dr. Rogers is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. > Download full article


Industry Scene – Aesthetic TV's Red Carpet Hollywood Mixer

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Leif Rogers, M.D., hosted Aesthetic TV's mixer at the Riviera 31 Lounge located in the Sofitel Los Angeles. This Red Carpet event provided total access to some of Hollywood's biggest names in aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, as well as Aesthetic TV talent and producers. > Download full article


Letter from the Editor:
Welcome to the New Media Era

Our readers who are actively engaged in new communication technologies and internet marketing will certainly understand the term ''New Media.'' For others, this may sound like just another trendy buzz phrase that isn't relevant to anyone but college students and computer nerds. In truth, every medical aesthetic practice that wants to stay current and connected to consumers searching for their services should be familiar with this ubiquitous concept and the power that it offers. > Download full article

Alma Lasers to Introduce Powerful Alternative Tx for Hyperhidrosis and Osmidrosis

Currently only available in Europe — with FDA clearance pending — SweatX from Alma Lasers, Ltd. (Caesarea, Israel) offers a simple, non-invasive, painless alternative to neurotoxin therapy for hyperhidrosis and osmidrosis with no downtime. This innovative device, operating in the short wave (10 – 100 MHz) radiofrequency (RF) domain, is comprised of unipolar and coaxipolar RF handpieces in a one-two punch to target deep and superficial hyperactive sweat glands. Since treatment is rapid, requires no anesthesia or disposables and can be safely delegated to ancillary staff, profitability is enhanced. > Download full article

ALPHAEON Puts Patients and Physicians Back at the Center of Healthcare

ALPHAEON Corp. (Newport Beach, Calif.), is a new firm offering a lifestyle healthcare model for aesthetic practitioners seeking a voice in healthcare and looking to build their self-pay practice. > Download full article

Physicians Praise Exilis Elite's Advancements in Skin Tightening

The sheer number of energy-based devices available in today's market — particularly ones that perform skin rejuvenation procedures — can easily overwhelm practitioners. This is especially true of devices that tighten skin and shape the body using radiofrequency (RF) based energy. > Download full article

Vanquish RF-Based Body Contouring Receives High Clinical Marks

Non-invasive body contouring procedures continue to attract patients that want to lose stubborn fat without surgery, pain or downtime. Although the high efficiency of radiofrequency (RF) based technology for tissue heating has made it an attractive source of energy for various aesthetic applications, manufacturers and physicians have experienced some difficulty in determining that elusive, yet precise, energy level, frequency and treatment protocol to answer the no pain, no downtime patient mantra. One system that has reportedly attained that sweet spot is the Vanquish device from BTL Aesthetics (Boston, Mass.), which offers a truly painless, effective fat reduction procedure, and the largest treatment area available, according to users. > Download full article

Cutera's truSculpt Achieves Body Sculpting and Tightening with No Downtime

ruSculpt from Cutera (Brisbane, Calif.) is an advanced radiofrequency (RF) system for non-invasive body sculpting and contouring, fat reduction and skin tightening. According to Jill E. Lezaic, D.O., of Laser Skin Solutions in Jacksonville, Fla., ''by combining the unique skin tightening effect with the ability to destroy fat cells anywhere on the body, truSculpt is undeniably superior to anything else out there today. In addition, no pain control is necessary as it is a well-tolerated procedure; there are no consumables and the result is an impressive reduction in fat.'' > Download full article

Unique RF Device Considered Clinical and Financial Winner

With seven different devices, 25 applicators and the InMode platform with Fractora from InMode (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada), F. Victor Rueckl, M.D. — a dermatologist and owner of Lakes Dermatology & The Spa at Lakes Dermatology (Las Vegas, Nev.) — has an impressive selection of anti-aging treatment modalities from which to choose. However, in his experience, ''the Fractora has provided the best results from both a clinical and financial perspective.'' > Download full article

Lumenis Flagship Platforms Excel as Practice Builders

In today's aesthetic market, cost-effectively providing popular treatments to consumers allows new and established practices to survive and thrive. The M22 and LightSheer Duet, two versatile top-of-the-line platforms from Lumenis, Inc. (San Jose, Calif.), enable practitioners to perform some of the most sought after device-based treatments safely, effectively and affordably. Additionally, M22's new ResurFX module achieves efficacious non-ablative fractional resurfacing without consumables. > Download full article

Thermage Total Tips' Immediate Effects Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Physicians are thrilled to have found a compelling treatment that offers outstanding patient satisfaction. The Thermage Total Tip from Solta Medical (Hayward, Calif.) is the latest evolution in the Thermage CPT platform, harnessing the well-known skin contouring efficacy of Thermage radiofrequency (RF) technology and adding the instant gratification of results that are immediately discernible. > Download full article

VASER Product Family Offers Full Range of Body Contouring Treatments

If there is one thing that patients appreciate more than excellent results, it is options. Solta Medical's (Hayward, Calif.) VASER suite of products — from VASERlipo® to VASERsmooth to VASERshape — offers patients a variety of ways to achieve a better body image. > Download full article

Reaction Helps Expand Aesthetic Component of Dermatology Practice

Since bringing Viora's (Jersey City, N.J.) Reaction radiofrequency (RF) system into his Miramar, Fla., dermatology office two years ago, Francisco Flores, M.D., says his practice has become increasingly more cosmetic in nature. ''Let's face it, non-invasive technologies are becoming the standard in this industry and a device like the Reaction system performs better than anything out there.'' > Download full article


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