Medical Insight understands the importance of the standardization, delivery and certification of competence among aesthetic medicine providers; therefore we offer a selection of high quality educational and training programs to all aesthetic professionals, including hands-on injectable training courses, continuing medical education curriculums, practice management and patient consultation courses and media training events.

THE Aesthetic Show Sizzle Reel

THE Aesthetic Show

THE Aesthetic Show is the leading multi-disciplinary medical education meeting focused on the rapidly expanding field of aesthetic medicine. This sales-oriented weekend trade show ensures that your products and services receive the maximum exposure to attendees via speaker sponsorships, dedicated workshops, main stage presentations and more.

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The Certified Aesthetic Consultant

THE Certified Aesthetic Consultant Program

THE Certified Aesthetic Consultant (CAC) program, sponsored by THE Aesthetic Practice Association, is the industry’s first systematic, comprehensive approach to standardizing core competencies in areas that are critical for an aesthetic practice’s success. This program offers a highly focused, single sponsorship educational environment to hundreds of new participants every month via an online platform or live fast track course.

THE Aesthetic Academy Sizzle Reel

THE Aesthetic Academy

THE Aesthetic Academy is designed as a regionally-based, two day advanced hands-on procedural training and comprehensive practice development program. This unique educational series provides leading aesthetic manufacturers with a premium venue to interact with established practices on multiple levels, including podium presentations and live patient demonstrations.

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